Sergio Agüero, or Sergio Leonel Agüero, or Kun Agüero. either way, he's still better than you.

Who’s the best playstation player you’ve ever met? Could you win against him? I don’t know about the best, but I can win against you. [crowd oohs] Remember when you used to say that you always won? Fine, you won. It’s true! Now we can clarify when you always used to say you won against me. Well, I won against you, and you won against me. It’s not like you won all the time! [mumbles] Take out a couple, don’t be mean.

Can Kun make you laugh? Yeah, he can. He went through phases, several. Now he’s more serious, a bit quieter. But when he was younger—he was a character! He can make you laugh all the time about anything at all. It’s just the way he is.

I remember we were having supper, and I didn’t know who he was. It was the first time I saw him. I remember him sitting to my right, Garay in front of us, and Formica on my other side. And they started talking about shoes at some point, and Leo says, “Yeah, in the United States, this and that,” so I say to myself, who is this guy? I didn’t watch much games back then, just some Argentinian games. So I ask him, “What’s your name?” I asked Leo that! So he looks back at me, and he says, “Lionel.” “Oh,” I say. “Same as me, kinda. Sergio Leonel. And your last name?” “Messi,” he says to me. “Oh.” So I’m like, “Alright,” and Formica says, “Don’t you know who he is?” Then I start thinking, I heard the news about some player from Barcelona, and I finally figured it was him. When we started training, I said, “This guy’s a dancer.” After that, we just laughed it off and we hit off. Tojo set us up together in the same room, and that’s kind of just how it was since 2005.